A workspace for decentralized teams working with DAOs to unlock human potential, letting people do what they want.

Clarity.so - homepage 4.5.2021

I have known Richie Bonilla, founder and CEO of Clarity for many years. I first worked with Richie on a fractional COO project, bringing him in as a fractional product manager. We became fast friends and he let me know about an idea he was working on - actually 3 of them. It turns out that these ideas morphed into one which became Clarity. This is a true example of investing first in a person, and second in a company. I have been following his progress and ideation for this product for the past few years (before it had a name!) and I told him I wanted to be a first investor. This materialized some time later and he has been growing ever since.

Clarity presents as a workspace for Web3, a sort of home base for a DAO, but it is really a lot more. Clarity is about unlocking peoples true potential and letting them join a mission they believe in.