Ranch Rider Spirits is an incredible ready to drink adult (read: alcoholic) beverage

Started by two amazing friends from graduate school, Ranch Rider Spirits came into the world because of a food truck business. I have known one of the founders Brian Murphy for years, and would potentially back anything he builds. In this case he started out with a food truck in Austin, TX and soon discovered that the RTD (ready to drink) cocktails they were making were taking on a life of their own. A good friend who really understands the food tech space and myself invested and never looked back. To celebrate and do our user research we toasted some Ranch Rider Spirits over dinner at a Mexican restaurant and have been investors and supporters ever since. If you ever asked me if I would invest in a RTD brand or alcohol business I would have said no, but the opportunity to support Brian and his co-founder was just too great. We invested in this business in August of 2019.