Tapestry is a project that I built with another coach that helps co-founders invest the time and energy into their relationship as partners.

Tapestry.so Is a personal project that I built with Steve Schlafman (another coach) to help co-founders. We wanted to create a helpful template for sale, as well as a service of our time to help people ask the right questions. Much like a gym membership you can buy the template and use it as a self service guide to answering questions, or work with us as a personal trainer to get more out of the time and energy. We learned a lot while building this project and have loved hearing stories about how co-founders have been helped by this approach. As mentioned on the site Weaving together a stronger co-founder partnership is critical. Building a startup is hard and the strength of your partnership matters. Infuse your co-founder relationship with more honesty, alignment and resiliency.